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Digital Designer, Preservando el Patrimonio Echeverriano (non profit). Argentina. June 2012 – July 2012 Digital designs for the web and devices. Freelance Digital and Graphic Designer at Monkey Monkey Music, LLC. USA February 2012 – June 012 Create and realize a 2D animation “Willow Tree in the Wind” and realize the graphic design of the DVD cover and the DVD label “Let’s all Make a Circle.” Creative Director, Producer at Sassipro (freelance). USA July 2011 -Present www.sassipro.net Responsible for all the client’s art projects. Freelance at CALCIS. Argentina May 2011 -July 2011 (3 months) Designed and created a new Promotion Campaign. Full Time Student at New York University. USA January 2009 -January 2011 M.S in Digital Imaging and Design at New York University, School of Continuing and Professional Studies (S.C.P.S.), Center for Advanced Digital Applications (C.A.D.A.) Freelance Digital Designer. Producer for The Bridge, Short Movie at Sassipro. USA August 2010 -September 2010 (2 months) Designed and produced the Title sequence and Visual Effects. Producer. Supervised 6 people between technicians and actors. The film was selected by The Big Apple Film Festival, New York, NY. www.thebridgeshortmovie.com. Digital Artist, Producer for Margaret Fuller, short movie at Sassipro. USA July 2009 - August 2009 (2 months) Margaret Fuller's short movie for the Bicentennial Anniversary web site. Organized and planned interviews with writers, talents and cultural institutions. Edited, and conceived the visual effects of the short. http://www.lauriejames.net/qt_announcement.htm Income Tax Professional at H&R Block. USA December 2004 -April 2009 (4 years 5 months) Interviewed clients and prepared a well-researched tax document with diligence, especially for Non US Citizens, living in USA, and for US citizens with income earned outside USA. One of the best agents in quality and quantity of income tax prepared in Midtown Manhattan. Sales Representative at Metropolitan Museum of Art. USA September 2005 -January 2009 (3 years 5 months) Dealt with an international clientele in a world-renowned museum of art. Illustrator at Synchronicities and Celebrations. Uruguay April 2006 -May 2006 (2 months) Poetry book by Sylvia Riestra. Digital Designer and Editor for Let's be Frank at Sassipro. USA October 2005 -November 2005 (2 months) Documentary about a theater play at 13th Street Theater, New York City. Producer and editor for All-Noor School Promotion Campaign at Sassipro. USA October 2004 -December 2004 (3 months) Intensive fieldwork resulting in a documentary that explored a minority bilingual school and its role in the modern American Education system. Interviewed, politicians, Institutional authorities, parents and students. Freelance Consultant (Cecilia Polimei) April 2003 -February 2004 International consultant for different projects between USA, Italy, Mexico and Argentina Publicist at “90 Minutos” (Cecilia Polimei). USA September 2002 – March 2003. Tri-state Soccer Spanish Magazine. Responsible for the publicity of the magazine, Deal with client, create the ads form conception to realization. Administrator at Art Center of Edmund Valladares (Today Museum Valladares) Cecilia Polimei). Argentina September 1990 -September 2002 (12 years 1 month) Responsible for all Institution's projects.Realized Contracts with Museums, Galleries and Artists at national an international level. Coordinated travels and art pieces shipping. Responsible for production, sales and promotional materials, including catalogs and brochures and press books. Organized press shows. Supervised, directed and supported an administrative department, responsible for accounting. Maintained and up-dated personnel files. Payroll processing. Implement administration program . Exhibitions accomplished as Administrator: "Corners", Victoria Ocampo Museum, Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2002 "Retrospective", Castanino Museum, Rosario, Argentina. 2001 "Retrospective", Mar del Plata Museum Auditorium, Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2000 "Corners", Sala Stephan, Casino Costa Blanca, Benidorm, Espana. 1998 "Retrospective", Amparo Museum, Puebla, Mexico. 1997 "American's Birds", Seonan Museum, Seul, Korea. 1996 "Retrospective", Betbeder Art Gallery, Tandil, Argentina. 1996 "American's Birds", O.E.A. Space, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1996 "American's Birds" A.R.T.E.B.A' 96.1996 "Dry Pampa" Artiguista Museum, Maldonado, Uruguay. 1995 "Dry Pampa" Moretti Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay. 1995 "Felisberto Hernandez", Fundacion Banco Mercantil Argentino. 1995 "Monzon's Requiem" A.R.T.E.B.A.' 95. 1995 "Torito in the Corner of Cortazar", 5 tn. Bronze Monument. 1994 "The Heaven's Gate", Fundacion Banco Mercantil Argentino. 1994 "Dry Pampa", El Socorro Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1994 "San Juan de la Cruz", Vitraux, Fundacion Banco Mercantil Argentino. 1993 "Kafka", Fundacion Banco Mercantil Argentino. 1992 "American's Birds", Global Gallery, New Orleans, USA. 1991 "Van Gogh", Fundacion Banco Mercantil Argentino. 1990 "Retrospective", Modern Art Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1990 Producer and Scriptwriter at FORMA (Cecilia Polimei). Argentina September 1990 -September 2002 (12 years 1 month) Directly responsible for film production projects, from conception to completion. Oversaw bids, expenses, talents, props, wardrobes, lodging, catering, film equipment and transportation. Complete authority to handle constant changes and adjustments so as to keep projects moving forward. Simultaneously coordinated multiple detailed projects. Negotiated job estimates, contracts and major purchases. Implemented strategies for the marketing and conception of advertising and publicity. Oversaw budget for 1 million. Organized castings for 500 actors. Managed a crew of 70 actors and 20 technicians and administrative staff. Made the research and wrote scripts. Movies accomplished as a Producer and Scriptwriter in Argentina: "I love you Torito". Feature Length Movie. 2002. Movie about the life of Justo Suarez an Argentinean boxer. The movie documented the history of the word and specially the one of Argentina during the period in which the boxer lived. Awarded with a Special Interest by the Buenos Aires Secretary of Cultural affairs. "The Slaughterhouse". Medium length movie about Cortazar. 2001. With the original narrative of Julio Cortazar, the movie depicted his tale "Torito" showing Justo Suarez "Torito" in his first years working at a slaughterhouse, until the end when he was sick with tuberculosis. "See with the Hands". Short Movie. 1995. Recreation of the tale of Felisberto Hernandez. "The Ghost Town’ s Train". Short Movie. 1994. Documentary about the ghost towns because the train was eliminated. "Kafka". Short Movie. 1992 "Van Gogh". Short Movie. 1990 Assistant Professor Buenos Aires University, Argentina May 1995 - December 1997, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sound and Imagine career assistant Professor with 200 students per semester, scenery and storyboard class. Projects Hands of Tunisia. USA July 2011 to Present A project based on Cultural Tourism in Carthage, Tunisia. A comprehensive business vision linking crafts and high and Boutique Hotel. The project was presented at the 1st Tunisia Entrepreneur Forum in the State Department, Washington, DC and at the Chambers of Commerce, Washington, DC Volunteer Experience Volunteer at Dumbo Art Festival. USA September 2011 -September 2011 (1 month) Public Relations Student Volunteer at ACM SIGGRAPH. USA July 2010 -July 2010 (1 month) Part of the ACM SIGGRAPH Chapters SCOOP Team at SIGGRAPH 2010 who produce the podcasts for the event. Member of the Cultural Committee at Economic Sciences Council for Buenos Aires, Argentina March 1989 -December 1990 (1 year 10 months) Organized art shows and contests for children and adults. Exhibitions The 3rd Annual Small Works The Manhattan Borough President’s Office. USA December 2011 –January 2012 Etching, Aquatint print Holiday Show and Sale Exhibition. USA The Art Student League of NY December 2011 Aquatint etching print. Painting Exhibition at Chameleon Space. USA February 2003 -May 2003 (4 months) Painting Exhibition. Mix media on canvas. Education New York University. USA Master, Digital Imaging and Design, 2009 - 2011 January Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina Certified Public Accountant, 1980 -1984 Courses Independent Coursework Maya I School of Visual Arts. USA. Maya II School of Visual Arts. USA Street Photography ICP (International Center of Photography.) USA Editing with Final Cut Pro I and II DCTV. USA Marketing and Practices Baruch College. USA Marketing Management Baruch College. USA Languages English (Full professional proficiency) Spanish (Native or bilingual proficiency) Italian (Full professional proficiency) Computer skills After Effects Final Cut Pro Photoshop Illustrator Nuke Maya Microsoft Office- Word- Excel Interests Arts, movies, cooking, plants, digital photography, birds, international travel, tortoises, architectural history, people and their stories.


If there is a place for creativity, I will be there.
I’ve created with numbers, files, pencils, brushes, hammers, glue, clay and with a mouse too.
I did it, and I want to do more.

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